Wednesday, November 28th

Yeah, it's a rough day. I got to run the reskill script this morning. Couldn't do anything, but read blogs until it was done. (I love being a team player.) It had tried to snow last night. Today the sky is mostly clear with the stars shining brightly. The roads are icy, which makes the walk through the parking lot treacherous. Thankfully, I didn't fall. (I have fallen in the past. I hate lying there feeling like an idiot because I have no traction on ice and wondering how to get up without making it worse.)

Last night, I came to the conclusion I only have 16 more rows to knit before I start the edging on the (damn) shawl. The end is in site sight. Now my only fear is do I have enough to complete the project.

Anyway, Grilltech is happier. His appointment went well. I was able to start my second sock while waiting. I finished the cuff and started the leg. Last night after working three rows on the (damn) shawl, I picked up the sock because its way smaller. Made it through two repeats of the pattern.

My replacement ebony needles showed up. (Now if I could find where I put the other four, I'd be happy.) They sent two needles to replace the one!


Kim said...

For me, it's running tests - must read blogs, wait for the outcomes!

Here's a comic you'd enjoy:

Mr. Shife said...

Hope you had a good holiday, and good news about Grilltech. Be careful tomorrow - I guess we are supposed to get hit with some more snow.

Lovs2Knit said...

I can handle the snow but I hate the ice that comes afterwards. Glad to here Grilltechs appt went well.

Amy Lane said...

I love those moments when knitting just HAPPENS...but I have to say, good luck on the (damn) shawl...I might be done with the (damn) chicken-toe socks tonight.