List Day

  • There was one car at the bar this morning
  • Best Thread Ever! (RAV)
  • Whenever I read topics like this, all I think is I have a bunch of traits
  • Great, my other computer won't allow me to log on
  • No karate tonight, Sensei went home sick
  • There is no way, I'm fighting off a plague bear with a tissue


Roxie said...

Betcha the plague bear wins. Give in gracefully. It's your turn to lie down now.

Donna Lee said...

Plague is everywhere! I tell myself I am "safe" because I keep wiping my work phone off with alcohol as if that's the only way I'll get sick. Not from the germs that all the clients and homeless folks in the building bring in with them. No, not them.

Sandra said...

I don't read a lot of Rav postings, but I LOVE that one! For so many reasons - the pic of you with him, the fact that as a red shirt he survived (Red shirts are ALWAYS phaser bait...) and the fact that my Dad was in the Canadian Navy!! You really can't top that. Thanks for the share!