List Day

  • A glance at the bar this morning, I'll say there was seven cars

  • I didn't get an actual count because I was dealing with freezing rain.  I figured concentrating on driving was a smart idea

  • It's bad out there, I84 is shut down

  • The number of voice messages is pretty high

  • Yip, it's winter.  My dry, itchy skin has started

  • It was a bad night of sleep, wait - It was a bad night of getting to sleep.  Sleep was pretty solid once I got there

  • I keep thinking today is Friday

  • Interesting, last Thursday, I was thinking I was a week ahead

  • The daystar came out for a whole two minutes, then the clouds covered it again

  • Our glasses are ready to be picked up

  • Now I have an everyday pair and a workout pair


    Donna Lee said...

    I have those thoughts about Thursday/Friday all the time. I'm always so disappointed when I get up and realize it's only Friday and not Saturday.

    Galad said...

    Now its the weekend. Hope you are having a good one :-) Havasu has a BBQ competition going on this weekend but looks like they aren't going to have much of a turnout. Rain all weekend.

    Roxie said...

    Being retired means everyday is Saturday - or is it Monday? No, I'm pretty sure it's - well I don't think it's Wednesday.

    Amy Lane said...

    Did the daystar burn?