List Day

  • I counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • It was a blistery 2 degrees out there, it might even warm up to the mid-teens today
  • Convert showed up for 10 minutes today, then went home
  • I practiced a little last night, sure it was a stance. But I consider that a win
  • The sky started getting light at 0740, sure the sun doesn't come up until around 0830, it's another win
  • Perky and I went digging though the stash last night.  I need to get that straightened out a bit
  • I've been wearing my bright blue mitts, and two people have asked how I broke my arm
  • All the trees have a thick layer of frost on them, they're very pretty
  • There was a pretty massive SNAFU with our paychecks, mine was straightened out, but Grilltech's hasn't been
  • Dinner with my dad next Friday night
  • Fighting the urge to go get another doughnut
  • Forgot to charge my headphones, so I'm using my old ones
  • Perky told me last night she felted her purple sweater
  • Totally surprised he wasn't made into a PHB
  • Went to the gym today, the pool was nice


Galad said...

2 degrees UGH! Good thing you have plenty of warm hand knits :-)

Amy Lane said...

Jealous-- can't go today!