I'm forgetting stuff...

I made chicken stock this weekend, so chicken soup had to follow. I've been thinking about cornbread, so our side dish was jalapeno cheddar cornbread. It turned out really good.

We've got plenty of snow. It's been cold enough, that it's sticking around. I've seen a couple of robins, huddled down against the freezing wind. I thought they didn't come back until mid February, but I was wrong. Speaking of birds, Fran - the Mighty Huntress - caught a finch. Grilltech says, if I wouldn't bait them, she wouldn’t be able to catch them.

Today after work we've got eye exams. I know I'm starting to get old. I have to take off my glasses to see up close. When working with size 1 needles, I pull the glasses down to the end of my nose and look over them. If I want to see the TV, I've got to look through them. I don't know if I'm to the point of needing bi-focal yet, but I will be getting new lenses.

We started watching Lost Girl last night. Made it through the first three episodes. It really reminds me of Harlequin Romance novel and TV doesn't really communicate a lot of the subtext. So, we're still on the fence about it.

My sweater is finished. I've worn it a couple of times. LOVE IT! The down side? The buttons are too small. I have the option of getting larger sized buttons that aren't as awesome or leaving them. I'm going with the latter, those buttons are totally awesome with the sweater.


Sandra said...

take a couple of stitches in each of the buttonholes to tighten them up - the buttons will fit better. Awesome buttons should ALWAYS stay on a great sweater.

Roxie said...

What Sandra said. The right button is much harder to manage. Button holes can be any size.