List Day

  • I knitted a washcloth this weekend. That's all I worked on.  I'd show you a picture, but yanno, if you've seen one...
  • The tattoo is at the peeling, itchy stage. UGH.
  • We're supposed to be heading back today, but we forgot to pack our gym bags.
  • Grilltech wants to set up an appointment for his tat
  • There was a very lovely sun dog again this morning
  • I was trying to do a regular post, but it kept coming out as single statements, so it's a list day
  • Geese are thinking about nesting on the roof of the building across the way
  • In a couple of weeks, my babies should be coming back
  • Made Grilltech take me out to dinner
  • Then we had to have the oil changed on the car
  • I've gotta go practice, tomorrow night is class


Donna Lee said...

I love my tattoos. I think they could easily become addictive and I had to promise my husband I'd stop at two.

So, what did ya get? (and where)

Amy Lane said...

I want pictures of the babies!! I do I do!