Catch Up

Let's see, what's been going on around here?

  • Perky has been sick for the past three (four?) weeks.  Took her to the doctor on Wednesday, she's got strep.
  • Last Monday, one of the cow-orkers was picked to be a new supervisor.  Most of what she does was passed to me.  On Wednesday (of last week), we were talking about what I need to do, she got a phone call.  Her husband was going to the ER; he's been in ICU since.  I believe yesterday they were talking about moving him to a regular room, soon(TM).
  • I'm back to doing the mini bids at work.  A bit of a night mare, can't do much of anything else because it sucks the life out of me.  Fun things like we're tanking from 1800 to 2230, but you can't put anyone there unless they: 
    • have the last name with an X and Q in them
    • are female
    • have six fingers on their left hand
  • Last week, Fran kitty decided she really was a cat and to prove it, she brought us a bird.  She's now wearing a bell.
  • GoJira and Uggy are still having territory disputes.  Uggy stays out of the front room, and GoJira has conceded the bedroom.  The kitchen and family room often have hissing matches in them.
  • We've started watching Burn Notice, which really reminds me of the A-Team (the link isn't to the A-Team site, but college humor).
  • I was practicing in the garage last night and Grilltech scared the hell out of me.  Mostly by coming home early, he wasn't due home for another five hours.
  • We're bird sitting for my parents.  GoJira really seems to enjoy the bird channel.
  • I wonder if I can talk Grilltech in to downloading me the new season of Sherlock


Galad said...

Hope Perky feels better soon. That is a long time to not feel good.

I'm sure Merry and Pippin would like the bird channel too but the only company they get is the ginormous dog that scares the crap out of them.

Donna Lee said...

I'm looking forward to the new season of Sherlock, too but will have to wait for dvd, I think. (and I'm not a Holmes fan)

My husband loves Burn Notice. He laughs all the way through it.

Amy Lane said...

Def hope Perky feels better soon! And Burn Notice? I love it-- but Leverage actually feels more like A-Team to me... Burn Notice has too much angst.

Poor Fran. Just doing what kitties do.