Here to work on time? Check
Working my regular schedule? Check
Have my knitting? Check
Ready to call it a week? Ding, ding, ding

I know it sounds like I'm whining, and I probably am, but I'm ready for some time off.  Oh wait, that's next week.  Grilltech and I are taking a long weekend next week.  Time off during the year really helps keep the stir crazy down to a minimum.

Yesterday was all sorts of off.  Grilltech had training, so we adjusted our schedule to come work later.  Talk about everything being wrong!  I got to work and in 30 minutes I had a meeting.  Thankfully BBQer had handled most of the details, I think that was mostly because he was the leader.  I kept looking at the clock and had to remind myself that no, I still had four hours to go at 1400.

I also left my knitting at home for the prior two days.  Gah!  Breaks wasn't going to stand and knit in a cube with a friend, but getting drinks and crap food.  Not good for the waist line.


Amy Lane said...

NEED the knitting. EVERY day. Because if you're ever stuck without it, your skin crawls. Not whining.

Roxie said...

Perhaps an emergency hat or scarf on the needles to keep at the office for when you forget the "real" knitting?

You are not whining.