List Day

  • There was only one car at the bar this morning
  • My email was overflowing and took me an hour to wade through
  • Can I give work for up Lent?
  • There is a lovely silver lining on today's sunrise
  • I'm supposed to be working on the mini bid, instead I'm working on other crap
  • I've been meaning to go heat up my lunch for the past 30 minutes. Yea. Still haven't done it yet
  • It's very disconcerting to take a drink expecting water, and it turns out to be soda


Donna Lee said...

You can give up work for Lent. I hear refrigerator boxes are a bit cold, though.

We're back to work after a 4 day weekend and I'm having a difficult time adjusting back.

If only we could win the lottery.

Amy Lane said...

For me, that's like reaching into my pocket and finding a twenty-dollar bill instead of lint.