My day so far, has been well….

I woke up an hour before the alarm was suppose to go off. I did manage to get back to sleep, then I slept through the alarm. I was reaching up to hit snooze for the first time when I noticed the time; fifteen minutes later then usual. ACK!! Thankfully we were proactive last night and packed gym bags, made breakfasts, and I pulled my tote bag to the front room. The one thing I didn't do was get Grilltech sodas for the day. Instead I did that this morning. And managed to drop one where it exploded. All over the stove and my leg. Since I had five minutes before we had to run out the door, I put a towel down and walked away. I'm hoping Perky is thoughtful enough to mop the kitchen for me.

Grilltech being a very thoughtful and loving husband loaded the bags into the car while I cleaned up in the back. The drive into work was uneventful. (The bar had only one car this morning.) Did pass an officer, but he was going the other direction and not interested in us.

I unpacked my tote to find, I don't have a breakfast packed or drinking cups I brought home to have washed. The cups did get washed, in fact they're sitting in the dishwasher waiting to go back to work. On the plus side, I did have money so I could buy breakfast out of the vending machines. Not the healthiest of things to do, but it's better then nothing.

It's freezing in here. Cold enough I dug out my mitts and I'm still not happy. I'm about ready to put my jacket back on. I've had two supervisors at my desk unhappy themselves about various things. One I could help, the other wasn't so lucky.

I'm not going to the gym today. Instead I'll be at the dentist's getting my teeth cleaned. I'll take a few minutes and walk around the block for some exercise. Or not; I'm feeling very sluggish land manatee.

Yesterday was Dad's birthday. He loved the hat. Today would have been Granny's birthday (or still is, she's just not getting any older). The Eldest and clan came over because Dad wanted to see them. And they have new computers they wanted to show off. Grilltech was trying to work on his paper he put off until Sunday. He ended up stopping what he was doing because they needed computer work done and the place was chaotic. Everyone cleared out about 1730 and he was able to get his paper finished.

Baby Bird is getting big. She was out side with me taking pictures. She decided she wanted to go running over to the neighbor's driveway. She slid one some slush and bonked her head. She wasn't the happiest child. I brought a sobbing Baby Bird to her mother then went and picked up my socks. Thankfully they decided to stay on the porch, otherwise I would have had to send the cats out after them.

I did get several stitches worked on the sleeve while waiting for the clock to reach 0430 this morning. The sleeve has 1.5 inches to go before I increase for the underarm gusset - it's sooo close to being done!! The next set of instructions are worked out, so once the sleeve is finished I can continue on. I messed up the same row twice yesterday and had to rip back. On. the. same. freaking. row. twice. But I'm much better now.

Anyway, the day is two hours from being done. The sun is shining!! My hands have warmed up enough the gloves have came off. I've set up an appointment for next month to get my tattoo. Life is good.

Oh and Perky thinks I need to go back to actual titles instead of dates.

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Amy Lane said...

Awww... po baby bird! But Happy B-day to your dad, and congrats on almost an entire F-O.