Another morning, another day of driving in snow. I'm sure the people passing me would shake their heads as they bolted past. Hell, usually I'm the one who's complaining that people aren't going fast enough, but snow and ice is a whole another story. It doesn't take much to loose control and spin out. Have someone close enough when it happens and it's an ugly mess.

I'm very jittery today. I wonder if it's the medication - most likely - I've been off it for a week. It's all I can do not to be snappy. (I wonder if I'm still be snappy but not as bad as it could be.) And I loose my train of thought so easily. I was going to write something witty, but for the life of me I can't remember it.

Last night, I finished Kommadant's mitts. I'll post pictures soon.

The new work out makes me sweat glow and my arms hurt. Do you think I can imagine my workout instead or would that make the Evil Happy Bunny frown at me?


Galad said...

No spinning out on the ice allowed - that would be an ugly mess. Can't say I miss the stuff. Quartzsite is looking better all the time isn't it?

Hope the rest of the week goes well and the workout gets easier.

Amy Lane said...

Ugh-- I'm so glad I don't drive on ice!!! And if imagined workouts worked, I'd have a hardbody you could bounce a quarter off of...