• Still training the flunky - last and this week

  • There was 11 cars at the bar this morning - last week

  • I forgot to count this morning; because a possible flashy red and blue was driving by me

  • The database has crashed on me three times so far today - last week

  • Once bad enough to require a reboot - last week

  • Today, I need to reboot because I've done software updates and it's asking to

  • But I'm not rebooting, because I have other crap work to do

  • I'm so ready for the week to be over - last and this week

  • Still haven't figured out what to do with Dad's hat

  • I may end up using wool to complete it; bright electric blue

  • I ended up going to the store and spending the $$ get another skein

  • My lunch as peas in it, and I loathe peas

  • Some how I don't think Grilltech would let me spend $550.00 on a pair of head phones

  • But I think he'd let me get these headphones

  • Dropping things seems to be the a reoccurring theme - Tuesday I dropped my water in the break room

  • Lunch today also has peas in it; it should have been called peas and rice

  • Bleck

  • A guy I went to school with has started working here

  • He's stopping by and chatting to get information of how to move up in the company

  • Reboot happened; but not by choice

  • I'm really disliking today

  • Second reboot of the day

  • I'm really, really disliking today

  • On the plus side an hour fifteen left to go

  • The sleeves have been joined to the sweater

  • I do have pictures - a bunch of pictures - but I'm too lazy to post them

  • My Christmas present keep sliding off my lap

  • It's very annoying

  • Ten minutes to figure out which report I want to run

  • Checked out four of them, then went back to the first one... next time go with my gut


Galad said...

Hope today is one you are liking better and the rebooting is taken care of.

Maybe we'll get pictures over the weekend (can we, can we, please?)

Amy Lane said...

Sounds sort of like my own sucky day... but without all the computer problems.