• I left my knitting at home, I know the database is going to drag.

  • There were seven cars at the bar this morning.

  • My hair is getting long enough to get into my eyes, therefore is annoying.

  • I got a shipment of yarn from E-bay. Picture to come.

  • The roads were very nice this morning, only wet in some places.

  • It's been snowy for the past couple of days.

  • I blame Roxie.

  • (As she show pictures of pretty flowers.)

  • I was dreaming of HUGE ass spiders last night.

  • And black and white cats.

  • Grilltech stopped by to offer me some dental floss and tooth picks, so I could knit.

  • And the crap food cream cheese brownies have arrived. The down side of the team working in the same bay as me.

  • WTF!! Now muffins have shown up.

  • Grilltech wants to spend 350 bucks to make a gallon of Saffron beer.

  • Yes, Saffron is 25.00 bucks a GRAM, which 14 grams makes 1/2 an ounce.

  • I found a place which has a gram of Saffron for 100 bucks. A little better.

  • I had a muffin. Now I'm stuffed.

  • A cow-orker wants to know why I can fix something by doing the same things she's done; but it works for me. Simple I'm an otaku.

  • In ShadowRun an otaku is a mage who works with computers, instead of mundane things.

  • I'm getting a headache.

  • OMG!! Cow-orker, IM him like everyone else. Because he's (now) in the bay with us doesn't mean you should leave your desk and come chat about non work related stuff.

  • Okay, it only bothers me because she's standing at my desk to talk to him.

  • Not only did I forget my knitting, but my wallet as well.

  • I got Season 3 of yummy, yummy, hot guys!!!

  • Red it's Opal Petticoat 1298.


Galad said...

You make it sound like such an interesting day.

We are just finishing Season 2 and the first disc of Season 3 from Netflix. HeeHeeHee

Lovs2Knit said...

So did the spiders kill the cats or vise versa?
That better be some damn good beer for that price! ;)

Amy Lane said...

Oh yummy yummy hot guys! I watched them tonight... do you know there's a spot in one of the Season 1 eps where Hot Guy Dean calls Hot Guy Sam by his real name? Yup... says, "Jared..." For some reason it only made him hotter.

Okay, last night I was fishing through the clean clothes for a nightgown and underwear (if only I'd done that BEFORE I'd showered) and one of the kid's plastic spiders fell on my hand.

I almost screamed, at dark-thirty at night!