• Number of cars at the bar this morning: 4

  • Cars with flashy red and blue lights sitting behind them: 1 - he wasn't at the bar but down the street from it

  • The car might have been from the bar, which is why the flashing red and blue was behind him

  • I'd prefer to think it was speeding instead

  • Guys who kinda look like Dean at the gym: 1 (YUMMY!)

  • Number of times I've cried at work during the past week: 1 (damn Gnome)

  • Yes, the Gnome is aware of his title

  • The fog has moved into the area for the winter

  • Now, I'll be crabby since I'm not getting enough sunlight

  • I had some pretty convoluted work dreams last night

  • It smells like egg rolls in there this morning

  • No one walked past carrying any, so maybe it was just me

  • I'm training a Lackey

  • He's very s.............l............o..............w

  • Slow is good; but the let me double check that three or four times is going to drive me crazy

  • The new gym work out is draining

  • The cube mates don't want me to loose weight; they keep bringing crap food bagels, muffins and other carby goodness

  • We hates them

  • The day is mostly over

  • The flu is running rampant around the center

  • Lackey has it and is here; which means I'll be doing a second bout with it sometime next week

  • My phone needs to be charged, so it's beeping at me

  • The day is over!!

  • Damn, still need to go to the gym to go

  • Okay, don't need to, but will do so

  • Heeeyyyyy, maybe the almost yummy hot guy will be there today

  • Grilltech's voice in my head: Why not have almost yummy hot guy grill your steaks…

  • We're having BLT's for dinner tonight

  • A lady in the gym commented that I've been loosing weight

  • While it's flattering, it's kinda freaky at the same time

  • I'm up to post 492

  • Be safe out there

  • Because maybe the flasy red and blues really pulled the car over for coming from the bar


emicat said...

Yeah it's been pretty foggy over here too. And cold!!! Brr. But, it's not raining, so I shan't bitch :)

Happy Thursday, because that means Friday's almost here w00h00!

Lovs2Knit said...

It's warming up here but it's not uncommon to go weeks without seeing sun. It sucks!

Ugh, drinking and driving is a problem here since the town is full of casinos. So we're always careful.

Galad said...

Here's to a great weekend with no Gnome or database!

Amy Lane said...

Yay-- gnome-less weekend, and, seriously? A number # yummy hot-guy look-alike? Lucky you! Go to the gym! Go!