A 1000 Words (or not)...

Time flies when your having fun, so I must be having an amazing time at work. It wasn't so amazing at home. I increased my bike time by five minutes. I'm ready to die now. I'm debating if I should leave it at the increased time and pray it gets easier or screw that, it's back down to the baby level.

The camera cord was pulled out by PerkyGoth (the bestest daughter on blogspot). So, here are the ripples on the beach socks. They turned out very well all things considered.

We won't talk about how one sock has colors running down and the other has them running up. I didn't even think about that when I had been ripping back.

Here are Grilltech's revised navy blue socks. I finished them on Thursday, he wore them on Friday. He's ready for me to start him another pair.

I've finished the back of the Bella sweater. Started on the front, only to find a major mistake on the instructions. The shaping was completely gone. GRRR.

I seem to be the crazy cat lady today. I can't beat them off with a stick. Uggy will play fetch with the leather string, but that's about it.

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Amy Lane said...

Excellent socks!!! Great work, knittech!!! (And go, Perky Goth w/them computer skills for mama!!!)