I've got pictures of finished projects. I really do. But... Grilltech hasn't charged the camera, so I'm unable to post them. Grilltech is blaming PerkyGoth, because she hasn't dug out the cable to charge the camera. It's a viscous circle. I'd do it, but it's buried under 100,000 tons of Grilltech's crap stuff.

Last Thursday I found out I was a BOB. (Best of the Best) Sometimes is good to work for large bureaucratic companies. Sure it caused a bit of hurt feelings in the cube, but damn it I work hard. Last night, I was treated to a dinner out with the other BOBs. There was pool, free food, and mock gambling. They call it gambling for a reason. I played a game of pool with one of the supervisors. He was running the table. I couldn't make a shot to save my life. (I blamed it on the fact I couldn't see the balls over my glasses. Yeah, that was the reason.) He's shooting the eight ball and scratches. He was graceful enough to shake my hand and not grit his teeth over the loss. Sometimes that's just the way things go. I played another game of pool with a co-worker. This time I did a bit better, I had one ball left at the end of the game, instead of five. He won.

We had a buffet dinner of burgers. We had a round of accept this gift card. Polite clapping and posing with the person handing it out. (Large-ass fake smile.) Then it was (mock) gambling time. We started out with 1500 and a choice of 21 or Texas hold'em. I went with the hold'em. T, a tall red-headed Scandinavian who likes to trade insults, decided to play hold'em also. He's on the other end of the table and we're trading jabs at each other. The rest of the table seemed to listen in a stunned silence. He would tell me such gems as I should just hand my chips over now, because he's going end up with them anyway. I would tell him no, you need to hand over the card now, because I'm that good.

One of the other players had never played before. He's holding his hand up where another guy (the one who lost so gracefully) could see his hand. He'd ask, should I bet? It was good entertainment. By the end of the night, he was holding his own. He was one of the last five players. Remember the guy trading insults? He was the first to loose all his chips. I won a few. I lost a few. Flops would happen and people would look at their pocket cards and take forever to bet. Your cards haven't changed. I'd point out strategies to the newbie. The goal is to get as much money into the pot, before the first flop. What do you have? You're betting like you've got a good hand. Only one way to find out.

Towards the end of the evening, my pile of chips was starting to go down. We decided the final hand would be all in, winner take all. A good thing, because I had a smaller pile. I looked at my pocket cards, a pair of threes. Crappy! You only live once. I pushed the pile in, so did four others. The fifth guy decided it wasn't worth the risk. We flipped our hands over. I'm the high hand, with a crappy pair of threes!! Don't remember what the flop was, but I ended up winning it all. Grand total of 14,425 worth of chips. Sometimes that's just the way things go.

Oh and I finished Grilltech navy blue socks....


Mr. Shife said...

Well congrats on being a BOB and winning all those chips.
And regarding your comment I am also tempted to drive out to Nyssa to see that stuff. I have not been out there in years and when I was out there I was pretty drunk because we went to the strip club over there. Like I said I was almost tempted.
Have a great weekend.

Lynne said...

You might tell Grilltech that he can't have the socks until you take a picture of them for the blog... bet that cable will appear magically!

Congrats on the beeg win, and on being BoB - course, we all already knew thaaat!