Yesterday's Post

I am so proud of me. Last night I decided I needed to add another row of braid in the middle of the sleeves to make the yellow go further. I couldn't remember how long the inseam needs to be, so I e-mailed MIL to ask. Instead of casting on for a sweater I've been thinking about making and purchased the yarn for, I worked on the afghan. Only completed ten plus rows, but it's going.

I've also decided, I didn't like how the biohazard symbol was turning out. I ripped back to the start of the heel, and have finished the gusset on the sock. There is the long trek to the toe, but the first sock will be completed soon. Tonight we're having dinner in a dim restaurant, so I'm starting another sock. (Navy yarn on Ebony needles. I won't be able to see a thing!)

Sabrina had been locked in the garage at some point in time yesterday. I know because threw up on the roof of my car. I noticed it this morning while getting into the car. I'm more then grateful, she didn't puke in the car because I had left the driver's side window down. And there are dusty paw prints on the door.

I'm starting to enjoy this early morning shift. Except for the going to bed at 2000 and getting up at 0300, that kinda sucks.


Lovs2Knit said...

I'm surprised the cat puke was on top the car. Cats seem to barf in the most inconvenient places. I would have expected it on the drivers side seat and I probably would have found it by sitting in it.

Amy Lane said...

Sometimes cats surprise you with their consideration. I had one throw up in my shoes once, to spare the carpet.