List Day

  • Counted eight cars at the bar this afternoon
  • I'm working swings this week, so it's a totally different feel to work
  • Today is my Friday!
  • Yes, I wore the shirt twice. It looks like a broken string
  • Hate walking to the car late at night, I'm worried Big Foot might jump out and grab me
  • However, I do love how quiet it gets about 1700
  • I don't know about anyone else, but I get a kick out of watching Ravelry's Radar
  • Someone has a bird chirping as his text notification


Donna Lee said...

Someone in my hallway at work is currently using a cricket noise. It's distracting because it sounds so lifelike I find myself looking around and waiting for one to jump out at me.

Roxie said...

I have one of the basic,common ringtones. It's interesting to see half of the people in a crowd reach for their phones when that ringtone sounds. I do it even when I've forgotten to bring my phone.

Galad said...

Never even knew Ravelry had a radar. Thanks for enlightening me.