List Day

I'm not a French Templar so Friday the 13th doesn't really bother me. However, when the universe starts on the smack down, it might be a good idea to lay low. Why?
  • I could. Not. Sleep. Last. Night.
  • I shut the alarm off, good thing Grilltech woke up at 0450, otherwise we'd still be in bed
  • Checked my email at work first thing, the skilling script is broken
  • I left my iPad AND knitting at home, so I don't have anything to do during lunch today
  • I've got a song rattling around in my head
  • Our lackey isn't working out and will be returning to her own area
  • The batteries on my fan are DOA
  • Asked a supervisor about having an agent work with us, turns out that agent had been termed last month and I was asking the wrong supervisor about someone else
  • When running reports, it's a good idea to change the date, otherwise the four I just ran would be useless
  • Yes, I've got to run those four reports again
  • I couldn't get HG to go punch Gnome in the head, and I really did try.... repeatedly
  • The store was crowded and had stupid people shopping in them
  • I'm going to bed early tonight


Donna Lee said...

I'm not terribly superstitious (although I always throw some spilled salt over my left shoulder, you never know) and Friday the 13th doesn't bother me. It drove my husband crazy and everything out of the ordinary that happened was all about the date. My day was tiring but about usual. No catastrophes, no bad luck, just sore feet from bad shoe choices. Can't blame the date on that, just my vanity.

Amy Lane said...

And now I have that song running around my head too! Thanks a bloody lot!