1000 Words

Down the street on a hot summer day.

Tunic almost finished. I need to rip back the lace on the sleeves and add the orange there.

Grilltech's brisket:

BBQer's pulled:

BBQer's ribs:

BBQer's chicken (took eighth place):

Fran making sure I took the pictures correctly.

It's a good thing that Fran was sleeping in the house the other night. She saved us from ninja toilet paper. It was coming to kill us in our sleep.


Donna Lee said...

Mmm. The charred flesh looks yummy (even at 7:30 in the morning).

Good choice for finishing the top. It looks good. I really like that pattern.

We haven't had a tp ninja in a long time.

Roxie said...

Being tp'd to death is a hideous way to go. Fran deserves tuna and chin scratches for her heroes actions.

Does GrillTech have trouble finding people to consume massive quantities of protein? His entries look SO GOOD that I licked the laptop screen.

Good work on the top! It looks cool and pretty.

Sandra said...

the grilling looks yummy! Can't believe eighth was the only placing!
Saved from TP - not having a cat, I've never known that ninja TP exists.

Galad said...

I'm drooling on the screen looking at all the yummy BBQ!

Way to go Fran - attack kitty supreme!

Amy Lane said...

Oh wow! Give that kitty a treat, that puppy looked fierce! And good on her for checking up on you. You are a human after all-- look at all that time your husband spent singing perfectly good raw meat. See? Humans... can't be trusted with the smallest of tasks!