1000 Words

Down this street in the morning:

Instead of working on dishcloths, I've been making bathmats.

Another bathmat in process.

Another pair of clogs, waiting to be felted.

I swear, this shirt is cursed. I don't know how I'm going to fix that hole. Any suggestions?

GoJira looking around out front.


Donna Lee said...

It's hard to see the hole in the photo but could you use a piece of the pink yarn and add a row of stitches to tighten up the "ladder" and then secure the ends inside? It might not be completely invisible but might not be too noticeable.

Did you actually get to wear it? It's such a pretty top.

Roxie said...

Fixing the hole: use a small crochet hook to catch and rework the stitches, then use a needle and thread to secure the end. It may not be invisible, but anyone looking closely enough at your shoulder to notice it is bound to be too friendly to mention it.

How did the hole happen?

I love Gojira. Is the neighborhood in peril? Is Mothra near? Or Rodan?

The bathmats totally rock! Double strand of Sugar and Cream? The green one is especially nice.