It's supposed to snow or freezing rain here and we're waiting. I'm just hoping it doesn't start on the drive home, that would really suck.

I've been working on my blanket. I'm about half way done with a row. I'd show you pictures, but there is no point, it looks the same. My forever blanket.

Friday night went pretty much as expected. They broke in, knocked everyone out. Then one of the players killed one of the NPCs. So they voted and ended up killing everyone. After they went through all that work of just knocking them out. I'm trying to decide where to send them next. I've about about four or five half baked ideas that need to be flushed out. In the mean time, I've got a bunch of magic items I need to figure out what they do.

Well, the snow finally made it. Right when it's time for me to go home. Thanks Mother Nature.

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Galad said...

Hope you made it home safely and are staying warm. I have faith that the blanket will end someday.