1000 Words

It started snowing on the drive in to work. I'm hoping it's not a serious storm, but something that spits at us for a little while, then goes away. It appears, I didn't get my wish, just overhead someone saying we got two inches in the last 30 minutes. I'm so over this winter.

Grilltech and Baby Bird have started playing Fallout 4. (Grilltech plays, she watches and helps him by pointing out stuff.) She'd rather watch him play Fallout, then play Mario with Perky and I. So, we let her go.

Last night, Perky made a chocolate fondue. It was pretty oily. I'm thinking maybe she added too much chocolate.

I spent most of the weekend working on the blanket and finished eighteen squares. I'm only two valleys away from finishing my row - three squares per valley. I even managed to make a pair of slippers while working on the forever thing.

Before felting:

After felting:

I'm off to knit a square.

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eclectichomelife said...

love the slippers, I used to knit and felt a lot but of late have had disasters, almost too afraid to try again