It was a nice weekend. Grilltech took me to the Last Witch Hunter. I liked it. There was a couple of plot holes, but then what movies doesn't have those? It made me happy. I guess that's all I'm looking for in a movie these days. We also watched the Back to the Future trilogy this weekend. It was fun.

The previews for the up coming movies didn't in the least excite me at all. The only one who made a dent was Star Wars and honestly, I'm a bit gun shy about that one also. Grilltech, however, is all sorts of looking forward to the new movie coming out and has already purchased our tickets. So I guess I'm going.

I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done. I don't think these socks are going to be done by the 31st unless I really buckle down. After I make banana bread tonight.

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