List Day

  • Gas is at $2.48 per gallon
  • It's raining out there
  • I haven't started the next pair of socks yet, because I need to work on my tunic
  • Best question of the day (asked of me) Are you trying to antagonize me? was the answer when I said the web application is broken
  • Started my second cup of tea today
  • This month, Grilltech and I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage. I'm not sure what to get him
  • Too hot to wear my jacket, but too chilly to sit here without it
  • I've got a strong desire to work on my blanket, I must really not want to work on that tunic
  • I'm currently reading the Maze Runner, it's slightly different than the movie
  • We didn't win the lottery last night. Bummer, guess we have to keep working
  • Agh! The whole point of buying the soda was to kick my lunch up over five dollars, so I can get the punch. What did I forget to hand her? That's right, the punch card
  • Have a good night everyone

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