List Day

  • Gas is at $2.29 per gallon
  • What's going on with the gas prices?
  • I started a new sock for Grilltech, this one is working right
  • I'm a week ahead of myself, because I keep thinking the Last Witch Hunter is out already
  • Reminder, we're in cubes, I can hear you talking about your divorce. Yes, he sounds like a jerk. No, I don't care
  • Okay, I was wrong. I would rather listen to the divorce then your bragging about how much of a stellar gamer you are
  • I think it's nap time
  • Have a good night

1 comment:

Galad said...

Glad the socks are behaving this time. Cubical life is interesting. I'm back in a cubical for my internship and hear everything. Guess I haven't relearned how to tune it out.