List Day

  • Gas is at $2.71 per gallon
  • Orion is well above the horizon at 0530 in the mornings
  • I think I found a recipe I need to make... German Chocolate Cake Cookies, they look very yummy
  • I got season 10 of the boys. I'm up to disk three. I'm spreading it out because I've got time to watch them, a whole year in fact
  • I'm trying to find a copy of an old game I used to play. It's called Iron Dragon. I found the demo, but not the regular game
  • I did get a hair cut, the girls noticed pretty much right away. Grilltech not so much
  • I'm almost done with the gusset on the new socks I'm knitting
  • I've got pictures to post, but I'm being lazy and not doing it
  • Trees are starting to turn yellow here. I'm not ready for that
  • Have a good weekend

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