I'm not sure I won at knitting bingo or not, but I might have been close. In the span of one and a half hours I heard the following:
  • Three wish I could knit, but it's to fiddly for me.
  • Two You knit? I crochet!
  • One I've never seen two (socks) at a time before. My friend uses four needles to knit her socks.
  • And a those are ugly, to which I said nothing and just kept knitting.
  • I was also tagged with a photo last night and got the if I buy the yarn, will you make it for me?
I've heard of all these things being said to people, but I didn't expect it to happen to me in such a small window of time.


Donna Lee said...

You have to take off the sign that says "talk to me. I love to talk while I'm knitting". My sign just says "TALK TO ME NOW"- it must since I can't go anywhere without coming home with someone's story.

Galad said...

I've heard a couple of those but I don't often knit in public. The cats keep their opinions of knitting to themselves.