List Day

  • Gas is at $2.75 per gallon
  • I'm ready to start the heel on Grilltech second sock
  • Today is a co-worker's birthday
  • I want to grow my hair out long, but I'm having fantasy's about getting a short hair cut
  • I've got some sort of plague that isn't quite a full cold, but I'm not healthy
  • My back is much better, but I'm kinda mixed about my shoulder
  • The shuffle on my player seems to think I want to listen to the Ladyhawke soundtrack, which is okay because I love the movie
  • We're going out to dinner at BitterCreek Ale House
  • Have a good weekend


Galad said...

Feel better soon and enjoy your dinner out!

Donna Lee said...

I just got my first short hair cut in years and I love it (but don't tell my husband, he thinks this is just so I can grow the color out of my hair. I may never go back to longer hair!)