This past weekend, the Eldest and Baby Bird moved into the house. I'm a bit conflicted about this event. On one hand, I'm glad she's decided to stand up for herself. On the other hand, I miss being able to walk through the house naked to the dryer. While it hasn't been a week yet, there is quite a bit of adjustment going on by both parties. Eight year old's are loud. Half the time the cats are in hiding. Change is good. Right?

I've been working on some knitting. My tunic is coming along. I'm starting on the front now. Almost halfway done.


Donna Lee said...

I don't know what events led to Eldest moving back home, but I'm glad you had arms open to receive her (and Baby Bird). Knowing there's a safety net is what allows them to try to fly away in the first place.

You're a good mom. (and I totally get the walking naked to the dryer thing.....)

Roxie Matthews said...

You will all adjust. If you make it too comfortable, she won't want to leave again. Remember, it's YOUR house.