Catch Up

Friday was my birthday. As usual, we did the yearly trek to Jackpot. The sock was almost forgotten at home, but Grilltech was sweet and turned around to get it. The drive down was nice enough. It was warm. By the time we reached the border, there was a handful of clouds to help block the sun.

Us girls used the pool before gambling. I was slightly pink by the time we got out. Managed to lose all my money Thursday night. I did have fun gambling, so it was worth it.

Friday morning the sock and I went and knitted by the pool for an hour. It was nice and relaxing. So quiet after an evening of bells and whistles.

On the way home, we stopped by an ice cream shop and the sock had some mint chocolate chip and chocolate raspberry truffle. It was yummy.

Overall, it was a nice birthday. Can't wait until next year.

On Saturday, the sock and I had tea.


Roxie Matthews said...

Life is delicious for your socks.

Donna Lee said...

Lucky sock! And Happy Birthday to you!. It sounds like a perfect balance of noise/excitement and peace/quiet.

Galad said...

My socks are jealous that they don't get that kind of treatment :) Sounds like a lovely time for you and sock! Belated Happy Birthday.