List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • My sweater is done and I've worn it to work a couple of times this week
  • Looks like summer has finally made it to Idaho
  • Last night we had 1.5 hours of thunder storms
  • Grilltech is training in my area, so I can't talk plot bunnies with Captain Awesome and BBQer
  • Believe it or not, they both enjoy hearing how I'm going to make the player's lives miserable
  • Perky and Kommandant are going on vacation, we're bird watching
  • Would it be back to put Daizy out side and claim she left on her own?
  • Haven't made it to Green Lantern or Super 8, like we had planned to do in the middle of May
  • Yea, it's going to be one of those months
  • Did have a wonderful birthday.... Grilltech and I ended up with a pair of iPads
  • Yes, I did that well in Jackpot
  • Havac wants me to pay attention to him
  • The cats just want him to die go away


Donna Lee said...

If you leave the bird cage slightly unlatched and by an open window (whose screen is conveniently very loose), who can say what will happen?

And you're right. Pk loves his ipad. Especially since he found out he can tether it to my iphone.

Amy Lane said...

(You're so nice not to say 'die' when he can hear!) Happy Birthday, sweetheart!-- Enjoy the iPad! (you rpg sadist-- that's awesome:-)