List Day

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • I'm less than an inch away from neck shaping on my sweater
  • Might have it done by next week
  • Didn't I say that two weeks ago?
  • Who says, one can't be dangerous and yet feminine at the same time?
  • I'd forgotten how long it takes to do one simple thing when Excel's calculate now is turned on in a different book, because it affects all of them
  • It seems to be the day, nothing really want to work for me
  • We got home, and the garage door had been left open all day
  • Thankfully nothing was missing


Donna Lee said...

I need those......

Is it still cool enough to wear the sweater? Since we're going to be at 90 degrees again today, the thought of sweaters makes me break out in hives.

Sandra said...

ooo, we've done that with the garage - scared the crap outta me when we got home! Also nothing missing...

Amy Lane said...

I leave my house open all the time... I dare them to find something to steal!

Megan said...

That weapon is awesome!