List Day

  • It was a bad night of sleep, last night
  • Counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • They want two weeks of reporting data done in two days
  • Gut check says, it ain't happening
  • My cube mate isn't here today
  • That means loud music and dancing in my bay!
  • Adult beverages would be a nice addition, but that would get me frowned at
  • GAH!  The new lackey is coming to me with her questions
  • It looks pretty dark and stormy outside, hope it clears up somewhat when I want to go walk
  • Heck, hope it's somewhat warmer when practice starts tonight
  • New boss is hoping to make some changes in the way some things are reported
  • Which directly impacts me
  • He's also a micro manager, which I'm not sure if it's related to he's new and insecure or a micro manager
  • Wow, it's pounding down rain again
  • I did manage to get the report updated, guess I was wrong
  • Grilltech took me out dinner, he's such a wonderful husband
  • Have a good night everyone


Donna Lee said...

When my office mate is not here, it means dim lights, no music and open door. It's peaceful and zen like.

He comes in and turns on the overhead lights (some day I'm going to get him a desk light) and starts talking and turns on music.

He disturbs my calm.

Galad said...

Hooray for wonderful husbands that take us out to eat!

Amy Lane said...

I totally hate micromanagers... yeah... I've dealt with a few of them...