I'm Still Knitting

Today is better. I have no overwhelming desire to rip people's faces off. I can't speak for tomorrow, but today life is tolerable.

No major project going on. Well, not completely true. I'm working on an afghan. My Olympic afghan to be exact. I didn't like how it was turning out when I first tried. I kept knitting two colors together, which produced a lovely line at the meeting place. But it was only four blocks wide. When I joined blocks together, the line wasn't there. I sewed up the blocks and called it good. Now I'm back to knitting just single strips. I change colors, but they'll be one block wide. I'm knitting two of them at the same time. One in each color. I'm starting to get excited about it again now.

I'm still working away on the second ripples on the beach sock. The second one is coming a bit faster. The second one always seems to knit up faster.

I meant to have a picture of the white sweater. But... (yeah, theres always a but) when Grilltech pulled the disk out, it wasn't on there. (sigh)

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Amy Lane said...

You go so fast...I love looking at your stuff on ravelry...