Gear Head?

Across the country, it is super Tuesday. Idaho doesn't vote until May. I must say I haven't done any research, as to who I was going to vote for. Thankfully, there is a candidate that truly understands my plight. I'm voting for Dolores. That's right, Dolores. Her second campaign promise alone would be enough to get Grilltech to vote for her as well.

Not much knitting last night, I finished the half round then began sewing. It now looks like a sweater now. Tonight's project is Ice Queen. I might get it finished soon. Before winter is over even. One can dream. (I know Mr. Shife's dream is for the snow to go away or have his balls shaved. Not sure which is more pressing.)

And now for something completely different: (from Leyna)

Are you a

Gear Head
Hey, you really know your stuff!
How do you compare?
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Amy Lane said...

Yay on the sweater--but no, I"m not taking that quiz--the answer is a definite negatory!

Lovs2Knit said...

Thanks for the link! Dolores has my vote. That would be one mighty big tax deduction for me. :)