A Corporate Fable or the Tale of a Drone...

Once upon a time, there was a large field filled with many beautiful flowers. There were many hives full of bees around the field who tended the flowers and made honey. The bees were always buzzing back and forth; honey flowed freely and life was good.

Until one day, a royal bee noticed not all the bees of his hive were making honey or even flying. The royal bee asked other royal bees and found their hives had ways of tracking what their worker drones did. So it was decreed his drones would be use the same system as the other hives.

Now the watcher drones of the hive are very unhappy. They begun buzzing loudly, flapping their wings, and wagging their antenna about the unfairness of new system. After all, their drones had more important things to do then push buttons or hum in a different direction of the field.

Watcher drones clashed with worker drones of different hives. Wings were bent, antenna broken, and pride was at stake. In other words, it was ugly.

After weeks (okay it was a week), our watcher drone talked their royal drone. Then a worker drone was assigned to work with the royal drone to make it easier for the new hive.

Now this worker drone is a bit confused. Why did the other hive join the collective if they don’t want to gather nectar and make honey with the other bees? The drone wondered if the killer bees would be willing to come and take over the hive to make its bean counting life easier. Alas, it won't know more until Monday.

And now for something completely different: (thanks Grilltech)

What kind of Star Trekkie are you?
Your Result: You are a Vulcan or an android.

Your intellegence, and opinions are excepted everywhere. You believe in logic above all else. You are normally in a second in command position. This does not matter, for you are not prone to ambition, or any emotion for that matter. You do not understand other races thought patterns at times, making you seperated from those around you.

Omnipotent being
Red shirt
What kind of Star Trekkie are you?


Sandra said...

oooo, I'm omnipotent! Love this, and I already stole it!

Amy Lane said...

I was a commander, rising in the ranks:-0

I loved your fable...and I HATE being a bee...