1000 Words

I've got quite the back log of pictures to post, so here they are.

Down the street, after the rain on an October day

My pair of dragon socks

Baby Bird and Perky carving pumpkins for Halloween

The pumpkins

Another of Perky and Baby Bird, showing off their finished pumpkins

Finished up a set of wash clothes

Another set of wash clothes. When Perky counted them all up for the year as presents, there was a total of 28

Ordered some sock yarn. Some for me, some for Grilltech

Finished Eldest's sweater. It was a unusual knit

It was still snowing when I took the picture of the ssweater, so down the street on a snowy day

Grilltech wore out his precious pairs of slippers, so I made him more for Christmas. Pre-shrunk, shoe for perspective

Grilltech's slippers after shrinking

Down the street on another snowy day. At this point, we have about six inches


eclectichomelife said...

These slippers look very cosy indeed, love knitted/felted slippers

eclectichomelife said...

PS would love to see the inside of the sweater too