Everyday I think, I should post something on the blog and then the day just slips by with no post. Days turns into weeks and suddenly it's been a month since the last time I've posted. Not sure if it really has been a month, but it feels like it. So what's been happening?

Grilltech and my 26th anniversary passed. It was just an ordinary day to us. He did grill some chicken, but by Friday we'd forgotten what had been made. I think apathy is setting in, time is passing and we just drifting along.

A couple of weeks ago, we drove an hour to visit the parents. They fed us chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice for lunch. We had a nice chat, while Baby Bird went and collected acorns from the oak tree in their front yard. D was very happy with Baby Bird.

I'm still working on the Captain America sweater. I'm thinking of ripping back and not starting the raglan decreases until after then star is completed. But that would extend the amount of time I have to work on this sweater and I'm not really sure I want to spend more time on it or not.

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