List Day

  • Gas is still at $2.02 per gallon
  • Yesterday, I got my crown, so my teeth should be good for a while
  • We got our passports in the mail
  • Tonight, it's gym then dinner out
  • I've got three pills left to go, that means I'll be up at 0200 again tonight
  • I did four round to complete my cuff, then did the heel flap, turned the heel, and picked up and knitted half my in step while at the dentist's yesterday
  • The email said February, not Monday.... Idiot
  • My meds can't get here soon enough
  • The Eldest is very inconsiderate
  • I need to remember to bring cash to work for Girl Scout cookies order
  • No, you are not putting me with her, we'd kill each other
  • Have a good three day weekend

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