Quick Post

Today we woke to a fourth of an inch of snow on the ground. From what I can see out the window it's been trying to snow off and on all day, but no real progress is being made. That's a good thing in my book.

Tomorrow I'm going to replace my ID. I'm vain enough to want to do something with my hair, because it's long and in the way. No way to look sexy on those ID badges. They all come out looking like prison mug shots.

The worst of the peeling is now over on the tattoo. Today it's itching like mad. I know, I did this to myself, I can live with the itching.

I've started the toe on my sock. I'll start the next one tomorrow at the ID office. Ruby still attacks string, so knitting at home is sporadic at best.

On the 23rd Ruby is going to the vet's to be fixed. Then I won't have that Oh he's going to kill me for letting her scurry around me to get out moments. I keep telling her, she's not fixed enough to go outside, but she doesn't listen. Typical teenager.

Tonight I need to work on the adventure for this weekend. I've got most of it flushed out, need to get those details worked into place. I'll make sure I've got the fire power to make the players cringe.

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