List Day

  • There was no cars at the bar this morning
  • Gas prices are holding steady at $1.79 per gallon
  • Looks like today's sun rise is going to be lovely
  • Perky brought me her left overs for lunch today
  • Day before I didn't sleep with my mouth guard and my tooth hurt. Last night, I remembered it and today my mouth doesn't hurt. I think there is a lesson there
  • Yip, bad case of PMS. I'm wanting to scream at my computer for being too slow
  • Lunch was good
  • I've been seeing flocks of robins flitting around. I can't help but wonder if they're cold
  • Perky and I are hitting the gym today. We're not making it to the gym every day, but we're making the effort

1 comment:

Donna Lee said...

I never knew robins hung out in flocks but for the past several years, I have been seeing large flocks of robins all winter. It's a cultural shift!
I can't remember the last time gas was less than 2 dollars a gallon.