Weekend Recap

This weekend was a bit on the busy side. Friday night was game night. Two of the member's couldn't make it, but we soldiered on without them.

Saturday a friend came over to do some beading. I made a bracelet, while she re-string her lanyard holder. It turned out pretty good, it looks the same as the old one. Grilltech mowed the lawn. After she left, I made potato salad for Easter dinner.

Sunday Perky, Kommand, and DJ came over for dinner. Ham and potato salad. Perky made deviled eggs. After dinner, the guys played Red Dragon Inn, a cute game that's fairly quick to play. I managed to knit about six rows on my sweater. Not a lot, but every row counts.

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Galad said...

Sounds like a nice Easter with good food, family and fun :-)