I missed last night's lunar eclipse. It was overcast as well, so I don't feel so bad about missing it.

There is a pair of crows looking for small sticks for their nest outside in the courtyard. They've driven off a pair of nesting doves, who did have a nest right next to the window.

I'm trying the no soda thing, instead, I've been drinking iced tea in the morning. Today I just want to put my head on the desk and sleep. I'm pretty sure I'd feel the same way if I had a soda.

Perky is needing dish cloths. I'm glad they have homes, because I'm knitting them with no destination in mind.

The crow is back, looking for more sticks. It's kinda freaky to see the tree shaking and no other trees are moving.


Galad said...

I've been over a year with no diet soda and only an occasional soda with restaurant meals. I can't tell that it has made much difference but still am working on changing eating habits as well.

Donna Lee said...

I drink decaf, unsweetened tea all year long. Sodas are the small cans and only once in a while. I can't stand diet soda and won't give up the full sugar ones so I went small and drink fewer of them.

I lovelovelove the blanket!!It's coming along beautifully.