We're Home

I had a lovely Thanksgiving. We went to Washington to spend it with Grilltech's family. They were warm and welcoming, who talked quite a bit about the current and past events of family members I didn't know. I'm sure they felt I was rude because I hardly spoke. No, I don't know that cousin, and no, I didn't want to ask for more background. When it was a common topic I was more forth coming, I hope.

I did get some knitting completed. Finished the hood scarf. It's waiting to be blocked. Then it will truly be done.

I also got several inches of Grilltech's second sock completed. I was going to start his scarf, but decided it was too dark to knit. So, I waited until Saturday night pick it up and work on it. At that point, it was decided there wasn't enough contrast between the two colors. Who knew black and dark green wouldn't be a good combination. Hopefully tonight we'll swing by the LYS to see if they a grey to use. If we don't make it, I'll need to check the stash. I might have something.

Perky took care of the cats while we were gone. Then went above and beyond by sweeping and vacuuming the house. I asked her to drop off a skein of yarn to make her some socks as a thank you for her hard work.


Donna Lee said...

I think it's hard to go to someone else's family celebration, no matter how long you've been part of the family. They will always know things (and they're always the best and funniest things) that you can't know.

I doubt they thought you were rude (unless, that is, you told them all to stuff it or something equally off putting)

Galad said...

I agree with Donna Lee about other people's family celebrations. Knitting makes it look like you are listening, will actually being productive :-) After being married 33 years, I know most of my husband's family stories and can laugh along. Still can't remember all the cousins though LOL