List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Today is Thursday there was a short time this morning that I was sure it was Wednesday
  • I got three compliments on my hood scarf; two - you look ready for the cold and one - you should sell those!
  • We're having leftover turkey soup for dinner tonight
  • Two months ago, I brought artichoke dip tarts to a potluck. Today, one of the girls asked for the recipe. Yes, I am flattered
  • She's bummed, the 12 days of snacks starts tomorrow with cheesecake and she's going to miss it
  • The sun is peaking through the cloud cover, which is better than yesterday's trying to snow most of the day
  • Teacher has the plague, so I won't be going to learn tonight
  • I've already started making plans for the solstice, I can't wait
  • Hope everyone has a good night

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