List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • My parents came home from hunting with a whit tailed deer
  • I'm about half an inch from starting the toe on my sock
  • I joined the sleeves on my sweater. I've got about six to ten more rows before I have to decide on the type of neckline I want
  • Five more hours left in my day (of work that is)
  • Dude, you're standing there for five seconds, it doesn't give you the right to close the blinds
  • Back to studying. We hates it
  • Only a few more squares to go and this row is done

1 comment:

Donna Lee said...

At least you're working on your blanket. Mine is still a box of sock yarn remnants.....

I have the office to myself today. No one to mess with the blinds/windows/fans/heaters/music. Bliss on a Friday.