List Day

  • There was no cars at the bar this morning - it's hunting season
  • I'm working on the instep of the second sock, training is really helping this sock along
  • Galad, these socks are made up. Basic sock pattern with two cables per side thrown in for excitement
  • The weather has cooled considerably, I'm hoping to finish my sweater soon, so I can work on my blanket. I'm very much itching to work on it RIGHT THIS MINUTE
  • The medication I'm on knocks me out, hopefully I'm adjusting to stay up a bit later then two hours afterwards
  • Ick! Added a bunch of MIO to the the 1/4 cup of water in my cup, because I was going to get more water. I got busy and forgot about it, then took a drink of strongly MIO flavored water. >.<

  • 3.5 more hours of my day left, I'm still fighting to stay awake

  • It looks like it's going to rain out there, but so far it hasn't

  • We turned on the heat last night, the cats are happy

  • We're disk three of Grimm, I'm liking it

  • Time to go study for certification. UGH!


Donna Lee said...

I really like Grimm, too. I hated the ending to last season, though. It got cooler here and then it reversed and we are having warm and humid days. So the a/c is still blasting at work. Thank goodness for the under-the-desk fan.

Galad said...

I like Grimm too. I have a particular fondness for Monroe. Thanks for the sock info :-)

Roxie said...

Love Grimm! Love Monroe! Love the wessen special effects.