Sorry for the radio silence, I was honestly busy. Grilltech and I went to visit his family in Washington/Oregon over the holiday. We left Wednesday night after work, and got there about 2300. We both were so tired, we fell into bed and that was it.

Perky checked on the cats for us, they lied to her and kept telling her I hadn't fed them any good food. She didn't fall for it. When we got back, I had two cats who insisted on being next to me for a couple of days.

I turned off my computer before leaving just in case. When we got back it wouldn't boot up at all. So yesterday Grilltech stopped off at the recycle store and picked up a new power supply. System still won't boot. We think it's the motherboard. In the mean time, Grilltech hooked up an old system for me to use.

I took yesterday off, so I could relax before getting back into the swing of work and get laundry done. On the last load, our dryer died. GAH! I can live with an old computer, but I can't live without a dryer. So we'll be checking around for a replacement.

While in Washington, Grilltech and I met up with Roxie for a bit of knitting time. Well, knitting for me, internet time for him. It was nice to catch up in person. Overall, it's really amazing how much we know about each others lives and we've only met in person twice!

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Galad said...

Long trip but sounds like you had a good time. What fun getting together with Roxie!

Good luck with the computer and dryer. Why do electronics and appliances gang up on us like that (and right before Christmas?)