List Day

  • I counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Five more days of this election non-sense
  • Grilltech went shooting last Saturday, he's bruised from it
  • Yesterday was Grilltech and my 22nd anniversary
  • He had to work and I wasn't feeling well
  • And I really love being told why wasn't I told about these changes! My guess? The person who should have done it, failed. Thanks for playing
  • I must remember to move the dental floss to my bag tonight, it's sitting right there on the coffee table waiting
  • Movie suggestion: Samurai: Miyamato Musashi
  • It's amazing the number of people who requested off Thanksgiving and the day after - those are holiday's for us, people!
  • A funny for the pets
  • I must be feeling better, I didn't feel like punching him in the head until I was in the break room - two or three minutes after our chat


Galad said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you are doing something special to celebrate.

Roxie said...

The re-washening - LOL!


Sandra said...

I've got a co-worker you can smack upside the head for me. Actually, I'm about 2 days and three comments away from doing it myself...